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Oncology rehab includes a vide range of therapies designed to built strength and endurance , reduce stress and improve energy to engage in patient s daily activities to be independent. As a part of cancer rehab we give an individualized exercise program that combines range of motion training with light resistance exercises. These therapeutic exercises aim to reduce fatigue and improve physical function,safety and well being.

Sailent features :

  1. In sports- reproduce sports specific movements
  2. Improves fitness level- improving aerobic capacity
  3. Dysphagia(swallowing difficulty)treatment
  4. Soft tissue manipulation
  5. Pain management
  6. Trigger point therapy
  7. Lymphedema prevention and treatment
  8. Auriculotherapy
  9. Rebuilder therapy
  10. Counselling
  11. Programs to address uribary incontinence
  12. Weight management and movement program
  13. Healthy life cycle coaching
  14. Increasing functional independence
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